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Data Management

Statistical Analysis

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We provide expertise for research projects in:

  • Medicine (particularly in clinical research)
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Science of dietetics
  • Political science

We provide data management which satisfies all industrial standards of the following steps:

  • Preparation of Case Report Forms and coding (for paper based studies)
  • Database design
  • Data management plan
  • Plausibility checks, generation of queries
  • Steps to achieve a „Clean Database“ and data listing
  • Database to database conversion, data migration

Our data management gives support in case you do not have your own guidelines:

  • Preparation of Case Report Forms and coding (for paper based studies)
    • Data entry
    • provide an annotated Case Report Form 
    • Ad-hoc coding of the free texts
  • Database design
    • Development of an easy database structure which adheres to the client’s standards
    • Dataset panels should be defined in logical fields
    • Creation of a clear database description in various formats
    • Definition of algorithms for derived or calculated variables
  • Data management plan
    • Definition of timelines
    • Careful planning of the relevant steps
    • Independent double data entry with compare by a third person
  • Plausibility checks and queries
    • Plausibility checks along with your SOPs and the study protocol
    • Check for completeness
    • In-house standard edit checks
    • Creation of queries in case of incorrect source data
  • Steps to achieve „Clean Database“, creation of data listings
    „Clean Database“

    • 100% check of all critical parameters (base for a valid stistical evaluation)
    • Error analysis
    • Save a „frozen“ database (a database that needs to be used for the evaluation)
  • Data Listing:
    • Complete and self-explanatory 
    • According to your standards
    • Can be created in several languages
  • Database to database conversion
    • As data management specialists we convert your data into the required format for the transfer to your standard project database (e.g. in a clinical datapool) by advanced SAS® programming.
  • Study evaluation
    • Development and/or review of study protocols
    • Statistical analysis according to the statistical part of the study protocol or the statistical analysis plan (SAP) with definition of the populations (e.g. Safety-Analysis, Per-Protocol-Analysis).
    • Organization and performance of a Blind Review Meeting (if needed), with clearly structured and meaningful tables and figures prepared with SAS® for determination of the populations for the evaluation.
    • Prepare statistical reports according to your requirements and wishes or according to general standards based on latest methods
    • Assistance on scientific publications and presentations
  • Service as Independent Statistical Analysis Center for independent Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs)
    • Support for DMCs
    • Definition of all important evaluations in a Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
    • Conducting safety analyses and also risk-benefit assessments during the course of an ongoing trial
    • Create tables and graphical presentation via SAS®
    • High degree of confidentiality of the sensitive data
    • Creation of a convenient report out of volumnious and preliminary data that enables the committee to judge about potential harms